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Three safety tips for all motorcycle riders

One afternoon you are driving southbound on I-75. You merge off onto exit 165 and head East towards Savannah. You’ve made this drive countless times. You find yourself surrounded by the familiar sights of Poplar Street and you head towards MLK, Jr. Boulevard. You stop and hear a captivating rumble over the music playing in your car.

A motorcycle eases past you. The buzz to drive a motorcycle surges through you. You picture yourself cruising down Georgia Avenue and crossing Spring Street. You do this while tapping your thumbs on the steering wheel of your car.

But, driving a car is much different than driving a motorcycle. The differences also come with safety concerns.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 72.34 per 100,000 registered motorcycles end up in fatal crashes. That is 35 times greater than cars. This is why driving a motorcycle requires a special license and training.

Here are three items to keep in mind every time you ride:

  1. Defensive driving: Do your best to make yourself visible to other drivers. Leave yourself an “out” in case you need to make an emergency maneuver. Scan your mirrors and the road so you know your surroundings at all times. Pull over if you feel uncomfortable at any time.
  1. Wear protective gear: You must wear a helmet when driving in Georgia. You should also consider wearing protective eye gear and know that Georgia law requires bikes to have a windshield if the rider isn’t wearing eye protection.. Wear reflective clothing at night. Wear clothing meant to enhance safety.
  2. Bike condition: Check your bike each time you ride. Test breaks and general maintenance before riding. You must also have foot rests when riding with passengers.

You learn safety precautions when you get your motorcycle license. Remember them. Be vigilant when you are ready to take the motorcycle out on the road. Grab your helmet and be safe as the engine purrs. Enjoy the streets of Macon!

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