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July 2017 Archives

Three safety tips for all motorcycle riders

One afternoon you are driving southbound on I-75. You merge off onto exit 165 and head East towards Savannah. You’ve made this drive countless times. You find yourself surrounded by the familiar sights of Poplar Street and you head towards MLK, Jr. Boulevard. You stop and hear a captivating rumble over the music playing in your car.

Smartphones create another distraction while driving

As people of the 21st century, we are well aware of the role a smart phone plays in our lives. According to Pew Research, three out of four adults own a smart phone today. While we know that having a smart phone can distract us from the moment, could it be distracting even when we're not using it? New research suggests that just the presence of a smart phone within our sight can be detrimental to our ability to focus on everyday tasks.


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