Guidance Through The Legitimation Process

For many Georgia families, legal terms and processes like "legitimation" and "paternity" are easily confused. There is plenty of misinformation out there circulated by people with little experience handling these matters. At The Law Offices Of Connie L. Williford, we give clients the facts while helping them resolve their legitimation, custody and paternity issues.

Family Law Attorneys Who Can Answer All Your Questions

For unwed parents, questions surrounding parental responsibilities, child custody and support issues, as well as the differences between legitimation and paternity, all come into play. As each family's circumstances are different, it's important to work with our attorneys to ensure that you receive counsel that is custom-tailored to you and your family. We can sit down with you at our Macon family law office and provide you with clear counsel.

To help you get started, below you will find general information regarding legitimation and paternity matters as they relate to Georgia law.

  • Paternity: Paternity actions can legally protect both mothers and fathers by providing DNA evidence to establish biological parent-child relationships. In some cases, a mother may wish to hold an assumed father accountable for child support payments and can establish paternity to prevent him from denying responsibility. For men, it can be advantageous to establish paternity to ensure that you are not held responsible for a child you did not father.
  • Legitimation: The legitimation process is intended to establish the "legal" father of the child in question. Although you may be assumed to be the father, provide financial support for the child or even have your name on the child's birth certificate, you still need to legitimate your relationship to have legal rights to the child. Establishing paternity is only one part of the process. Our attorneys can help you legitimate your child and establish your legal rights.
  • Parenting time, custody rights and visitation: Once the parent-child relationship has been legitimated, arrangements for custody and parenting time must be addressed. Our attorneys can handle these processes while your legitimation is in progress to save you time and money.

Consider The Consequences Of Inaction

The ultimate goal in paternity or legitimation cases is to protect the future well-being of the child. For example: If a child is taken from his or her mother by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, a father who has no legal rights cannot simply step in and assume custody. Even if he has been providing for the child, without legitimation, he has no more right to the child than someone on the street.

Work With A Lawyer When Establishing Your Parent-Child Relationship

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