Family Law Guidance That Is Right For You

Family law is often one of the most personal and emotionally taxing areas of law. There is a unique human element to working with families through life's most difficult moments that requires attorneys to balance compassion with objective counsel. At The Law Offices Of Connie L. Williford, we understand the needs of our clients because we take the time to listen to their concerns before offering advice. When it comes to matters of divorce and family law, knowing when to talk and when to listen is something we've learned through years of experience.

Helping People Discover Life After Divorce

A divorce or separation is more than just a split; it's a complex process of untangling two people's lives. For some, the lives of young children are also involved and it becomes the duty and responsibility of both parents and their lawyers to see that the best interests of innocent children are protected.

Something as important as the custody and support of your children requires expert help. Don't try to do it yourself. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to change it later.

Common aspects of divorce and family law that we handle include:

  • Contested and uncontested divorces
  • Military divorce
  • Equitable property division and the identification of marital and nonmarital property
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Legitimation

The Advice You Need To Confront Difficult Decisions

No matter the circumstances that led to the breakdown of your marriage, we can help you through the entire process of restarting your life. Although some couples think they can handle the divorce process on their own or through internet forms, the truth is that those same people arrive in our office a few weeks later, or sometimes a year or two later, asking for guidance and trying to undo what they did without legal counsel. Whether dividing a complex estate or retirement benefits or working through child support and custody issues, we simplify the process and keep the proceedings moving.

When establishing grounds for divorce, couples may state that the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation. Furthermore, factors such as adultery, cruel treatment such as physical, emotional or verbal abuse and abandonment may contribute to establishing legal grounds for the dissolution of a marriage. These circumstances can also add a dimension of bitterness and acrimony that can stall proceedings. To avoid these expensive breakdowns, we help our clients set aside their differences and look at the bigger picture.

Answering Your Questions

Many people simply want their divorce to be over and done with so they can start living their lives anew. With guidance from our attorneys, you can move through the divorce process quickly as we manage paperwork, filing, ensuring that negotiations stay on track and numerous other logistical matters. In an uncontested divorce, you may be able to have your divorce completed after a 30-day period.

To voice your questions and concerns in confidence, contact our Macon, Georgia, law offices and share your story with our attorneys. Should you choose to secure our services, we can begin developing a strategy for resolving your divorce. Call us at 478-743-4069 or send us an email by filling out our online contact form.